Domed Houses of Harran

Harran Domed Houses have been used for more than 150-200 years and are uniqe. The houses are laid together and cool in summer warm in winter. Its is said that these houses were made by mixing rose oil with a special kind of soil in old times. As it it is declared as potected area, new houses are not alloowed to build in Harran and visitors can see one of these houses which was restored. During your visit to the sample home, you will see a signboard which informs you about the Domed Houses of Harran. It is written that the Domed Houses of Harran were built with the bricks collected from the archeological site 150-200 years ago.

The houses are made of bricks on the ground with the shape of a square. The highest domes up to 5 metres were laid by 30-40 bricks. Each dome is connected to the other with arches and forms large places inside. Domed Houses of Harran are suitable to the region’s climate and cool in summer, warm in winter.