Bazda Caves

There are historical quarries on the mountains which are located 15 and 16 km far away and on the left and right side of the tourism road of Harran, Shuaib Ancient City and Sogmatar. Two of them worth seeing which are called “Bazda”, “Albazdu”, “Elbazde”, or “Bazda Caves”. Squres, tunnels and galleries occured as a result of taking out stones from Harran, Shuaib Ancient City and Han el-Ba’rur for hundreds of years. Especially the big ones were carved as two-storied and squares were made in the middle by shaping pillars of 10-15 metres high. Besides there are exits to the different directions of  the mountain by the way of long galleries and tunnels.

Big hollowes formed due to breaking the stones on the facades of the big mountain. It is understood from the Arabic inscriptions that probably Anatolian’s biggest, the most mysterious and worth-seeing ancient quary’s some parts were operated by "Abdurrahman el-Hakkâri", "Muhammet İbn-i Bakır” and "Muhammed el-‘Uzzar" in 13.century.