Temel AYCA

The Distict Governor of Harran


 He was born in 1982 in Rize. He completed his primary and secondary school education in Rize. After he graduated from Samsun Akpınar Anatolian Teacher Training High School, in 2001, he entered Bilkent University, department of Political Science and Public Administration. He graduated from university in 2006. Passing the District Governorship Examination made by Ministry of Interior in 2007, he was appointed as Kastamonu District Governor Candidate. After the province internship at Kastamonu Governorship for 45 days, he completed district governor companionship in Gerede, Bolu. Then, Mr. Ayca completed inspection internship in İzmit and Gebze and appointed to Sulakyurt, Kırıkkale, his first deputation district. After he held office in Sulakyurt, he was appointed to Yeniçağa, Bolu as district governor deputy for a short time. He took intensive French course for four months before the foreign internship. Mr. Ayca was sent to France for a year. After he completed district governer candidateship term, he was appointed to Süloğlu, Edirne. After that he was assigned to Hasankeyf, Batman and after fulfilling his term he was assigned to Harran, Şanlıurfa in 2005.

He is married to Gökçen Ayca who is working as classroom teacher at Ministry of National Education and has a daughter, Elif Nil. He has a good command of French and English.



1989-1994 Rize Ketenli Köyü Primary School

1994-1997 Rize Mehmet Akif Ersoy Secondary School

1997-2001 Samsun Ladik Akpınar Anatolian Teacher Training High School

2001-2006 Bilkent University Political Science and Public Administration